Hindsight Conference  
  What: Students participating in the Hindsight Conference will reflect back on the year 2020. They will recognize their experiences and the lessons learned from this past year. Members will then learn how to adapt to real-life situations and develop the skills necessary to evolve and refocus throughout 2021

Who: All FFA Members

When: December 2020

4 pre-recorded 50 minute interactive sessions designed to be either shown in class or viewed virtually.

NameDate AddedSize
Hindsight Fillable Learnbook 12/3/2020 3511 KB
Hindsight Guide 11/29/2020 3539 KB
Hindsight Learnbook 12/2/2020 2361 KB
Session 2 Social Media Challenge 11/29/2020 2835 KB

SESSION 1      

SESSION 2      

SESSION 3      

SESSION 4      

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