Team Ag Ed  

Description: State-wide advisory council for agricultural education in Arizona 

Purpose: A collective body of agricultural education stakeholders in Arizona who are committed to stimulating positive growth in agricultural education and providing statewide leadership.  

Duties: Arizona Team Ag Ed will discuss the direction of agricultural education in Arizona through the  collaboration of various entities that collectively influence agricultural education. Team Ag Ed will engage in the purposeful discussion of emergent issues affecting all of agricultural education in Arizona  and provide recommendations and guidance to all entities with the power to act.

Strategies Priorities: 

Identify opportunities and resources that will benefit agricultural education in Arizona
Provide a forum for thought, discussion, and direction through purposeful collaboration 
Foster action through recommendations and guidance 

Entities Represented: UArizona AETI Department, Arizona Community College System, Arizona  Department of Education, Arizona FFA, Arizona Agricultural Education/FFA Foundation, Ag Industry Representatives, Arizona Agriculture Teacher Induction, Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association, Arizona Farm Bureau, Arizona Cooperative Extension, Region Teacher Representatives, Career and  Technical Education Directors 

Structure: Arizona Team Ag Ed will meet twice per year in September and March. In the event of an  urgent issue, an emergency meeting can be called. 

Transparency: All meetings will be recorded and shared. Documents from Arizona Team Ag Ed will be  archived in the organization folder which can be accessed by all members and stakeholders. 

Agenda: The agenda for each meeting will be set through collective input of Arizona Team Ag Ed  members and led by the Arizona Team Ag Ed leadership team. Each meeting will include an open forum  for issues not previously set on the agenda. 

Input: It is encouraged that members of Arizona Team Ag Ed consult their communities, regions,  entities, and colleagues to ensure that issues brought before Arizona Team Ag Ed are timely, relevant,  and would benefit from collective discussion. Guest contributors can be invited to Arizona Team Ag Ed  meetings to provide insight on issues as needed. 


We would welcome your input on emergent issues affecting agricultural education and any feedback you may provide for stimulating positive growth.
Share your ideas, insights and ideas.

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