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You can help make a difference in the lives of Arizona’s future leaders by supporting Agricultural Education and the Arizona FFA.  As a non-profit organization, the Arizona Agricultural Education/FFA Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to cultivate Arizona’s most valuable commodity- our youth.


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Arizona FFA Alumni Spotlight


Terisha Driggs

Terisha Driggs grew up in central Tucson and was raised with her three siblings by a single mother. She followed her older sister and love of animals into the FFA program by chance.  At that time the Amphitheatre High School FFA was A fantastic program that includes a 6 acre land lab and greenhouse, led by legendary ag teacher Jose Bernal. 

Not being one to wade in lightly, Terisha immersed herself in the FFA. She raised several sheep, a steer and began participating in the Food Science, Prepared Public Speaking and Agribusiness career development events. She developed an unbreakable bond with Mr. Bernal, who became her mentor and father figure.  He continuously encouraged her to do more and do better. He challenged her to run for Greenhand office, then chapter office, and suggested she pursue public speaking and eventually state office and her American FFA Degree.  It was through that positive experience within the FFA that Terisha found her understanding and passion for all things agriculture. 

She ran for state office and was elected Vice-President, and she really came into her own as a state officer. She recalls it being a life changing experience that challenged her to succeed everyday of her year long term. The training and confidence she received that year gave her skills and opportunity well beyond her years. Being a state officer gave her the ability to speak in any situation comfortably. It taught her valuable life lessons about hard work, prioritizing and confidence. It introduced her to the invaluable network of Arizona agricultural leaders and decision makers.

 Upon completing her term in state office, Terisha focused on her education.  She received her bachelor’s degree from the Morrison School of Agribusiness & Resource Management at Arizona State University.  From there her resume includes an internship at Salt River Project and the Department of Agriculture, three years as the office manager of the Agribusiness Council of Arizona and a brief stint as a Business Analyst for Advanced Food Systems Technologies.  She received her master’s in agribusiness from Arizona State University.  After that Terisha went to work for the Morrison Family Companies where she is currently employed.

Through her position at the Morrison Family Companies and assisting Richard Morrison who specializes in water law, Terisha had the opportunity to review legal documents including trusts, sales, and operating and purchase agreements.  It also gave her the opportunity to mediate intercompany disputes and negotiate solutions.  As time passed and the more knowledge she gained Terisha realized that her future was in law, specifically water law. 

She enrolled in the Sandra Day O’Connor School of law and has found that to be a tremendously rewarding experience.  It really opened her eyes to the great need for agriculture to have more representation at the table. 

In all of her water law or environmental resource classes she found she was the only student in the room with any knowledge or concept of agriculture.  A scary proposition indeed as we move into the fifth generation of water planning.  It’s vital for the future of agriculture that we have people making decisions who are informed and educated and have a working knowledge of what agriculture is and what it requires. 

Today Terisha is also an active alumnus of Project Centrl serving on the selection committee.  She is still a presence within the Arizona FFA and its Alumni Association.  She is a member of Cattle Growers, Arizona Agribusiness Council and YF&R and; she is actively involved and engaged in the ag community throughout Arizona. 

As of May 13, 2014 she is a graduate from the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at ASU!  She will soon be attempting the bar exam and returning to work for the Morrisons managing the family’s companies and trust.  Terisha is an exceptional example; she is bright, articulate and resourceful. 

Undoubtedly she would be successful in her own right regardless of the path she chose.  But I believe that Terisha is the perfect example of what the Arizona FFA does best, creating advocates for agriculture.  In my opinion we surpass every other ag organization in terms of our recruitment and retention of non-traditional ag students.  We provided Terisha the tools and opportunities to reach success and she ran with it.

 That’s what is great about the Arizona FFA.  We provide a ladder for success for students and we offer activities and awards that help them earn scholarships and create opportunities for success.  Through her positive experience with FFA she will also be a fierce defender of agriculture.  Be it in a classroom, a courtroom or a boardroom Terisha truly exemplifies what it is to be an advocate, to be of service and to love agriculture.  Creating a future crop of students like Terisha is what we do and what we do better than any other organization and that is why you should support the Arizona FFA: Growing Arizona’s next crop of leaders… 




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